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Watership Planner allows you to plan your life, track everything that happens during your day as it unfolds and view charts on your progress. Unlike other planners, Watership Planner allows you to plan and track large goals and view their progress. Watership Planner keeps up with you throughout your day no matter how it turns out, anticipating interruptions, changing priorities and moving appointments. What can you do with Watership Planner? Plan your day and have it keep up with you:Begin each day creating a prioritized list of your daily tasks. Set flexible recurrences for tasks that come repeatedly. Visually see how your day is laid out and stay updated in real time as automatic scheduling quickly shuffles tasks around as interruptions come up and priorities change. No other planner on the market offers this functionality. Review your daily progress and maintain a OCstrailOCO of what youOCOve accomplished:As you use timers throughout the day a OCstrailOCO of what youOCOve accomplished is left. Quickly tell if you are ahead or behind schedule and act accordingly. Great for reviewing in the evenings what went wrong during the day and what went right and how you can take advantage of this. Get good at being productive and effective by measuring your output. Find out what is next:Watership Planner always shows you what is next based on how much time is left before your next appointment and task constraints. You will never have to think about what you should be working next and can focus on the current task instead. Watership takes care of lining up your tasks for you in the most efficient order possible. Plan a major project and review its progress:Organize major projects in a hierarchal tree structure using deadlines and priorities. Quickly insert items as you would in notepad using the tab key to place them under folders. This is a great place to unload all your ideas and put momentum behind them. View graphs of the progress made on your goals.

Systems: Windows

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